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Est. 1895

Ranked among top 100 universities in US

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Wichita State University is a Public University founded in 1895 and was rechristened twice before getting this name. The college boasts a good 330 acre campus located in Fairmount in Wichita. Apart from the main campus i.e. the north campus, the college operates out of its two satellite campuses known as the South Campus and West campus. The University is one the only three research institutions in Kansas.

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WSU is one of those campuses where you feel absolutely amazing within the campus while when you step out, your moods dampen. This is mainly because you feel at the centre of nowhere and quite literally. Most big cities are a decent 6hour plus drives and even the immediate neighbourhood is dingy in the evenings. But it isn’t that big a deal as such. The city has everything and a lot can be found within campus itself. Wichita is the culture capital of Kansas and a lot places (historical, cultural etc) are found in abundance. You will really feel as though you are missing the best of the US if you do not move out Kansas to the more famous states of the US. The location is broadly manageable though not ideal.


WSU has a beautiful campus (beautiful for us, just normal for them) with all facilities that one can expect to have. There are several centres to chill, work out, read or just hang around within the campus. The libraries are all good and all of the premises are constantly updated to plug issues. There are plenty of places to eat (convenient prices) in the main campus of WSU.
In campus residing is a good deal for students as it is cheap and convenient. The newer dormitories are excellent and liked by the students, though expensive; while the old dormitories tend to be a little worn out, nonetheless students from WSU give a thumbs up for in campus housing for the value for money.

Residing Options

Off campus housing is equally popular for the freedom it offers to the students. Students do not prefer the locality which is just near the campus as the neighbourhood is a little crude while proper residing facilities 15 minutes into the city are available with excellent proximity to food and social life.


It is extremely cold for about 1-2 months of the year (when it snows) while the rest of the days, the mercury is more than bearable. But in Kansas it isn’t the temperature which is a headache, it is the erratic weather. It is sunny one moment and at another it rains. It is windy in Wichita and you will repeatedly see storms and tornadoes which becomes increasingly irritating most times.
Overall, the weather is a little less than average likeable, but yes, bearable.

Faculty and pedagogy

WSU has a dedicated engineering leaning administration which works well. The University has the best faculty for its Aerospace Engineering program while in general too, the school of Engineering is revered. Professors are in general very good and accommodating.
Masters programs in WSU are more research oriented than most other masters programs elsewhere and a great boon for those who wish to pursue further education in their respective fields.

Jobs and placements

WSU students aren’t the best in the business but hard work pays and a lot of that, in this case. Students have to fetch for themselves although the University does offer career services. The Alumni network isn’t extraordinarily strong and helpful, though a few students do get significant help. Overall, a lot is on self at WSU to secure a job after masters.


Dan and Frank Carney – Founders of Pizza Hut
Vivek Lall – CEO of Reliance Industries


WSU with its really low annual fee and decent research facilities makes it a nice place for subject enthusiasts. WSU is regarded as a tier 2 college in the United States and makes for a balanced academic choice for someone not getting any of the better known famous colleges.

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